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Band Member:   Equipment they use:
Greg G has decided to inflict as much pain as possible during his live performances. To that end, he's started using a guitar that features devastating potential for human injury. He calls it "the bleeder." Alongside the bleeder is his 15,000 watt Marshall stack cluster, capable of producing seizure-inducing vibrations.  
Rob has spent years fine-tuning his selection of doom-bringers. Currently on tour with him are two fine pieces of craftsmanship, the lightning bolt and the big ass bass.  

Kent is in love with his newest acquisition, the 15 foot microphone, currently on loan to David Lee Roth.  
Greg Y is always pushing the creative envelope and continues to do so with his latest setup. His newest invention is a guitar with a free-floating bridge allowing him for maximum wankage. The guitar is run through his effects chain, an abbreviated version of which is shown here.  


After 10 years in Dr. FU, Chris has decided on two distinct setups, based on venue size. For the smaller rooms, he opts for the 312 piece ultra-compact set-up. When on tour, he's teamed up with recent sponsor Heineken to create his dream kit. Absent from photo is the tap-to-mouth connector for continuous electrolyte replenishment.


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