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The Famous FU--FU vs. MD; FU Wins--Big Summer Gigs--New Old Shirts!
FU's Picks: Yet Again!
Fu was featured in the Loudoun Times-Mirror, "Go Loudoun" paper last month (circulation 200,000). 

Read all about your famous FU friends here.


We tore up the Last Mango in MD last month in a surprise border-jumping gig.  Big Thank FUs to Crepes a Go Go and Joe for rolling with the FUs all night!

Hil FUChris FU is back from his tour and we are recharged and ready to go!.  You must get to Auld Shebeen on Friday 4/14 and Bungalow Billiards on Sat 4/29.  

We also added some awesome summer gigs: return engagements at the South Riding Summer Concert Series (Friday 8/4), Broadlands Live (Friday 9/8), and, next month, a Pig Roast!

The classic "AC/FUc" shirt is back for the attack!  Ten dolla yo, let's go!
If it's good enough for Steve, you know you need one.  Get yours here!


What would you do without our monthly advice?
Greg Y recommends the "Good Morning Burger."  18oz ground beef patty, 6-8 tbl. of rich creamery butter, 8 strips of bacon, 4 slices of ham, and 3 fried eggs.
Greg G says you must read Gene Simmons' guide to rock stardom.  Remember, lesson number one:  "Ace did nothing."

Rob says that Alec Baldwin kicks ass in Glengarry Glenross.  Hit the bricks and check out this clip.

Sunny advises you all to learn
 "The Flare," her #1 breakin' move!
Chris likes Purple by STP because it compliments the Beatles' White Album.
FU Fan of the Month:  Jill C!! Sunny's Private Videos  XXX
TOny TOny TOny!
Jill C. is pure number one FU all the way.  She has attended more FU gigs than all the FU spouses put together. 

She helps us bring it to every gig.  Sometimes "it" is band equipment, photo equipment, or a toddler.  We owe her a big THANK FU for all the years of support and hearing damage. 

Sunny took over the creative section this month while Chris was on tour autographing Eddie drawings. 

Check out the preview for FU: The Movie and get psyched for the Summer of FU!  

This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Question

You want old video?  We got old video! 

1.  Greg Y and Greg G play a Yadzinski original guitar duet at Buffalo's Delaware Park in 1991.

2.  Rob and Greg G pure hair video from 1992.

Finally, photographic evidence that there really was a belly dancer at our last Sully's gig!   Photo:  1, 2, 3, 4.  Will she return on May 5?

It's an easy one this month. Answers are at the bottom of this email.

Which FU member never had a mullet?

1.  Rob
2.  Greg  G
3.  Greg Y
4.  Sunny
5.  Chris

Contact the FU!!
Got song requests?  Silly costume ideas?  Send them here!
Want FU at your Pig Roast?  Make it happen here!

Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Auld Shebeen  
DATE: Friday, April 14th, 2006  
TIME: 10:00-1:30  
LOCATION: 3971 Chain Bridge Road  
  Fairfax, VA  
VENUE: Bungalow Billiards  
DATE: Saturday, April 29, 2006  
TIME: 9:30-1:30  
LOCATION: 46300 Mclellan Way  
  Sterling, VA  
VENUE: Sully's
DATE: Friday, May 5, 2006
TIME: 9:30-1:30  
LOCATION: 14513 Lee Jackson Highway  
  Chantilly, VA  
2006 = Summer of FU!
quiz answer:  Greg Y.  No mullet yet., but we are still hopeful...