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Your favorite FUs took a much-needed vacation during July.  So cut us some slack on the content of this month's FUletter.  We are all still a little hungover
(note Chris' shirt in this photo).

On Aug. 4 we are back by popular demand at the South Riding Summer Concert Series

We have a special surprise lined up for the kids this year, and it's not shirtless Rob again!

growlersOn Aug. 12 FU returns to Gaithersburg MD to play at Growlers.  It's a brand new place so help us break it in!

On  Sept. 8 we hit Broadlands Live
for additional freeness!
We will be nice n' loud up on the big stage with a group of angst-ridden youth opening for us. Be there!


We were asked back for the 2006 Marine Corps Marathon in October.

So break out your running shoes and start carb loading now!

cliffRob says Cliff dead = Metallica sux. 

Go old school this month and rent Cliff 'em All.  This film is about 1000X better than Mustaine crying in Some Kind of Monster!

testamentChris agrees with Rob that 1987 was a prime year for metal. 

He recommends that you go to a used record store and get a vinyl copy of Testament's The Legacy


black lSunny just loves black licorice and you should too. 

Go out get some; the saltier the better!

jerkySpeaking of salty, GregY recommends you eat Pemmican beef jerky

Not Slim Jims, but actual jerky made from dead animals.
It's beef jerky time!

BODGregG wants you to see Better Off Dead

Looking really good today buddy.  Looking real good.

FU Fans of the Month:  Steve & Wanda! Step Back it's a Rob Attack!
S&WThis month we celebrate Steve & Wanda, two long time FU Supporters, who always seem to miss out on the crazy things that happen at our gigs. 

So when you see them, go a little nuts!  Maybe lose some clothing; punch somebody; be creative. 
It's your time to shine! 
Rob attackBe warned that Rob will bite your nose if you fail to attend our free gigs.

His second strike will likely target the lower anatomy.

This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Corner

You try to look away; but you cannot:

1.  More Rob & Greg G garage band video from the glory dayz: 
U Can't Touch This & One Way to Rock.

1.   Chris = angry youth?
2.   Greg G and his old gang?
3.   Mermaid Sunny?
4.   Sunny & Joe:  youth gone wild!
5.   FU at 2002 halloween party.

Which FU member was a childhood bowling prodigy?


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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: South Riding Summer Concert Series  
DATE: Friday, August 4, 2006  
TIME: 6:30-9:30  
LOCATION: Town Green  
  South Riding, VA  
VENUE: Growlers
solette et al
DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2006  
TIME: 9:30-1:30  
LOCATION: Gaithersburg, MD  
VENUE: Broadlands Live!
DATE: Friday, September 8, 2006
TIME: 7:00-9:30
LOCATION: Broadlands Hillside Park

  Ashburn, VA
Rock n' Roll All Night and Party Every Day!
quiz answer:  Chris was the Massachusetts candlepin bowling champ for ages 12-13