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Sunny Farewell - New FU Singer Revealed!

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Sunford**Sunny Farewell**

Our last gig with Sunny was a blast!  We rocked Jimmy's Garage in Fairfax Station.

The crowd had a ball and we all ate some delicious pig catered by Valley Pig Pickin'.

Sunny was hounded by fans for autographs and other mementos.

As usual, she gave it all for the fans!

Now that babytime has started, we will keep you posted on all the baby news to come!  Email us your name suggestions!

eben***New Singer Revealed***

That is right, FU now goes "all man" with our new singer: 
Eben Nye.   Eben  is a total pro, he has a music degree, has toured before, and he defeated Rob "mano a mano" in the Octagon.

Bottom line, this guy can sing it all and we are psyched to add him to the FU family.

Eben is flying though our material, and will be ready to hit the stage at Auld Shebeen on Jan. 19.  FU Mark II is a must-see!

Here is a short preview to get you primed!
Gtr heroChris has worn his fingertips to the bone playing Guitar Hero II!

Most of FU's setlist is in this version, so let's rock!
supermanGregG showcases his inner nerd by recommending the new Richard Donner Cut of Superman II. 

It's eighty-five percent different than the one you saw on Cinemax!

pandoraDon't know what music to listen to today?  Rob says that you should check out Pandora internet radio.  Enter in a band you like and let Pandora do the rest.
JD BassGregY suggests you adopt his hard-drinkin' rock n' roll lifestyle and get yourself some Jack Daniels.

If want to go all the way and wake up in a pool of vomit too, that is fine with us.

wootEben suggests that you hurry up and buy something at Woot!  Only one thing per day until it's gone!
FU Fans of the Month:  The Chris Fan Club! Who's Wearing FU this month?
Chris FansSome of you may not know that Chris has a huge tween following.   His crew came out big time at our last gig to dance the night away. 

They ended the night with their chants of "Chris!" demanding an encore, another drum solo, or just a drum stick!

Check out the love here!

Laura celebrates her B-Day wearing the appropriate attire!
This Month From the FU Archive: A Day in FU History

Yes, we have endless amounts of this stuff:

Photos & More:
1.  Greg G = pure rock n' roll 1992.
2.  Rob = pure something 1989.
3.  Chris plays Triumph's Rock n' Roll Machine in 1993 with    
     Aftershock looking like this.
4.  Eben shows that he had similar FU-friendly look in 1990.

1970: Chris FU wins the Stanley Cup!

Chris Orr

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