The FUletter
February 2006

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  Carpool Wrap-Up, On Deck: Sully's (Sat. Feb 18th!!!)
  FU's Picks: Part Deux 

Ladies night at Carpool was a huge success!  We again had concert-level lighting provided by Kevin and Ann.  Thanks again to Tom and Kevin for taking pics. Also, a Big Thank FU to Sara for bringing out her crew!  

We also posted photos from our last Sully's gig on the site, check them out!

ladies night 

We are expecting another kick-ass show at Sully's on Sat. Feb. 18th! Sully's did some major remodeling, and we are looking forward to rockin' the paint off the walls. Bring your $$, Sat. night for Sully's Texas Hold'Em Poker night. If you lose your pants playing poker just wander on stage and you'll fit right in.

Lastly, there is still a possibility that FU may invade Maryland on
March 4!  We have a tentative booking at the Last Mango in Gaithersburg, barring a management change before the gig, FU will hit MD.  Be sure to check the FU site for details as we approach gig time!

Double lastly, send us an email if you have any FU comments, bar or song recommendations or photos of you enjoying the FU.  You want to be on our site?  Make it happen!  Want to book the FU for your event?  Make it happen!

  Rather than give Chris his own corner every month, we're turning the monthly picks section over to the entire band. Here you'll find whatever is tickling our fancy this month, and it's not just Iron Maiden.
    duraceGreg Y recommends Duracells. Why?  We have no idea.  God only knows what he does with them.
    haverchuckGreg G has a fever for the Freaks and Geeks  DVD.  Here is a hilarious clip.
    diverRob insists you purchase the newly remastered version of Dio's Holy Diver.  Look Out!
Sunny likes MAC Lipglass. You know you want some!
soulChris FU can't get enough of the Beatles. Again with the Beatles.
  Chris Solo Tour 2006!   Join the FU Army on MySpace

Chris FU will be on the Northeast Domination Tour with the US Navy band from 3/8-4/2.  If you happen to be in one of the concert areas, drop by and say hello! All tickets are free and available by calling the number listed. We expect this tour will be even more popular than his 1984 "Stay Hungry" Tour (file photo below).




If you haven't done so already, check out our MySpace page and join our list of friends. Don't have any friends? Now you've got a friend in FU!

  FU Trivia & Other Fun Stuff
  Chris' Craft Corner

Each month, we'll try to come up with something marginally interesting about the FU. Get all of the answers right and you've won peace of mind (or Piece of Mind if you ask Chris). If you give up, the answers are at the bottom of this email.

Match each FU Member with their first concert:

1.  Sunny               
         A.  Thompson Twins 1984
2.  Greg G                        B.  Stryper 1986
3.  Greg Y                        C.  Rush 1984
4.  Chris                          D.  Harry Chapin 1979
5.  Rob                            E.  Poison 1988

We present:  Chris with the Ultimate Mullet.

                        These are the hardworking people who keep
                        the FU coming on a regular basis.   They will get the                                       ultimate Thank FU once we figure out what that means!

                        Jen:      Designed the website, this FUletter, demo covers,                                            posters, you name it
                        Amy:   Does all our pro photo work, including the infamous                                       FU Fisheye
                        Erin:    Designs all FU Shirts

Due to many complaints about the quality of Chris' Eddie last month, he went old school for this issue! (Chris art from 1990!)


  Upcoming Shows
  VENUE: Sully's   
  DATE: Saturday, Feb 18th, 2006  
  TIME: 9:30-1:30  
  LOCATION: 14513 Lee Jackson Hwy  
    Chantilly, VA 20151  
  VENUE: Last Mango (Not Canceled yet!)
  DATE: Friday, March 4th, 2006  
  TIME: 9:30-1:30  
  LOCATION: 645 Centerpoint Way
    Gaithersburg, MD
  VENUE: Auld Shebeen   
  DATE: Friday, April 14th, 2006  
  TIME: 9:30-1:30  
  LOCATION: 3971 Chain Bridge Road  
    Fairfax, VA  
quiz answers: 1.E 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D