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Continental Wrap Up - South Riding & Kpax - History of FU

FU's Picks:   You Buy Now!  

As usual, we rocked the Continental in Rosslyn.  Besides the usual FU antics, this gig featured the return of Mahela!

gremlinThe place was so packed fans sat backstage!

During the FU encore
, Greg G lost control of his legs, as well as other faculties!


August is all about your FREE FU!  Two Free gigs:  Aug. 4 at the South Riding Summer Concert Series and our Aug. 12 much-anticipated return to Kirkpatrick's.

Many fans do not know that, before the FU, each member of the band had a successful music career.
youm youmRob was known for his Country Christmas jingles as well as the occasional holiday striptease.


Before Sunny sold her soul for rock n' roll she rolled Church-style with the moustache brothers.

New ShirtGregY may have recorded an album but no one knows what was going on with the mask.  Mexican luchador or Rob's striptease partner?



Chris had an egocentric project that played only one gig of Dream Theater-inspired prog rock. 
The first set lasted for nine days.

kidGregG is a master of all flutes:  alto, tenor, pan, fipple, side-blown, end-blown... You get the idea.

He recorded several shirtless flute albums that were all the rage until the Zamfir craze took over in the 80's causing GregG to give up the flute and undergo a long overdue chest waxing.

Your own, personal, shopper...

zepGreg G recommends the Chappelle's Show Sound Board

Fill in your Rick James quote here ____.

ScrabbleSunny uses Australian Gold to get her bronzed summer look. 

Put the lotion in the basket!

pickGreg Y recommends Jim Dunlap 1.14 mil Tortex Picks.

Ladies, if you get close enough at a FU gig you might just catch one of these!

DTsChris says buy Anti-Vibe drum sticks because they are good for hittiin' stuff!

deliciousRob wants you to go to Frank Vincent's website and order the "Go Home and Get Your Shine Box!" shirt.

You can go from the Alpha to the Omega with the "I Don't Shine Shoes No More" shirt as well...

FU Fan of the Month:  Scottish Joe! Two Years of FU for Chris

JoeThis month we celebrate Scottish Joe!

Joe has been our favorite FU hooligan for many years now and is known for rousing chants and pouring beers down our throats.

If you see Joe give him a loud "Oi! Oi! Oi!"


Chris put together a short film to express his feelings about being a FU member for two years.  It is a touching masterpiece!   

             fu park

This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Corner

You wanted the best, we gave you this:

1.  Seventeen-year-old Rob and Greg G perform Summertime Blues at a 1988 high school concert in mullet mode.

2.  Full-mulleted Chris plays a wyked-hard drum solo into Red Hot by Motley Crue.

1.   Sunny as Madonna at age 18?
2.   Sunny is sassy at 16!
3.   Greg G as a baby (1)(2)?

What is Chris' Navy rate?

1.   Seaman
2.   Petty Officer First Class
3.   Chief Petty Officer
4.   Master Chief Petty Officer
5.   Rear Admiral

Fun FU Facts:
1.  Rob hates mushrooms
2.  GregY has very large hands
3.  Sunny moonlights singing kids music
4.  GregG used to teach tennis
5.  Chris plays tennis and still likes Creed

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: South Riding Summer Concert Series  
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TIME: 6:30-9:30  
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VENUE: Kirkpatrick's  
DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2006  
TIME: 9:30-1:30  
LOCATION: Ashburn, VA  
VENUE: Broadlands Live!
DATE: Friday, September 8, 2006
TIME: 7:00-9:30
LOCATION: Broadlands Hillside Park

  Ashburn, VA
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quiz answer:  Chris is a Petty Officer First Class in the Navy and a Rear Admiral in Dr. FU