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Continental = FREE FU & May Play-By-Play

FU's Picks:                                 Please tell me what  I  want!  

Saturday June 17 be at Continental in Rosslyn.  All your FU is FREE at this gig so we expect extra drunkenness from each of you!  Take it up a notch!


This is the appropriate FU level of drunk we are talking about.  Of course, we have video proof as well.  Livin' the dream, just livin' the dream!

If you missed us at Sully's you also missed Sunny "Bugaloo Shrimp" FU vs. Drunk Guy in a breakdance contest.  Winner = Drunk Guy.  All power moves!  Can't touch this!

youm youm

We also managed to capture a photo of Rob moving the equipment.  This was a rare opportunity (like a photo of Bigfoot).  Unfortunately the image is of poor quality and may not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

oasis **OASIS RECAP**
We kept  the crowd dancing all night at Oasis.  Many FU Army members attended in full FU gear.  It was a true FU Dance Party.   Holla!

One new FU fan had an especially good time.  So good that she had a "wardrobe malfunction" and got kicked out.  It was so hot in there she had to ... you know the rest...


We played our first pig roast last month.  Wilbur was delicious and Chris ate an entire watermelon in one sitting and then went missin' for several hours.   Never been the same.

This little kid sang Enter Sandman with us and did a better job than many American Idol contestants.  Definitely better than Bucky!

Check out the video of Andrew singing Metallica  here.

He has more talent in his little finger than Greg FU has in his entire large intestine, including the colon.

At this point, who else can you trust?

zepGreg G says you must watch the Decline of Western Civilization
Part II:  The Metal Years immediately.
You think you know 80's metal now?  How about London? Odin? Seduce?  The interview with Bill Gazzarri is worth the price alone!


ScrabbleSunny loves Dr.Katz and you will too. Katz is hilarious as he provides therapy to Hollywood's A to D list comedians and actors. 


scrappleGreg Y uses a tremendous amount of Quikrete .  Why? 

It's cement in a tube, use your imagination. 

DTsChris FU decided to go out an a limb this month and recommend Moving Pictures by Rush

The album is a bit of a diamond in the rough but Chris assures satisfaction.

Rob recommends the "Secret Menu" at In & Out Burger.

You can order a burger with 20 patties called the "20x20" or "Heart Attack on a Plate." 

Truly a thing of beauty.

FU Fan of the Month:  Girls' Night Out Party Crew! South Park FU

gno ladies
This month FU celebrates the
Girls' Night Out Party Crew!  They are always up for drinkin', dancin', and possibly fightin' as well. 

Good times! 



FU & ladiesThey have been big FU supporters over the years and, moreover, they showed up en masse at both our May gigs in full FU gear!  You can't ask for better than that!

Thanks again for supporting
Team FU!

Can you identify your favorite FU member in
South Park Form?

             fu park

This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Question

Once again, the video and photographic evidence of embarrassment piles up.  Will it ever end?

1.  Chris performs "Tom Sawyer" by Rush for the first time outside of his parents basement.

2.  Greg G rocks out at the Hamburg Roller Rink in 1991.

Photo (AKA Lookin' Good!):
1.   Sunny with a perm?  Pure friz with Magnum PI shorts!

2    Two photos of Rob in Full Mullet Mode: 
          A)  Too Close
          B)  Too Drunk

3.   GregG with a questionable hairdo.  Dutch boy?  Pirate?  Both?

4.   A photo of Chris from his audition to join the FU? 

5.   GregY with his old crew.

Which FU member owns the most guitars?  (bass guitars are included)

1.   Rob
2.   Greg Y
3.   Greg G
4.   Sunny
5.   Chris

******Fun FU Facts of the month********

1.  Rob has a large collection of action figures
     focusing mainly on the early Star Wars era.

2.  Greg Y can fix anything.

3.  Greg G's favorite wine is Tupangato by
     Finca Flichman.

4.  Chris FU likes Creed.

5.  Sunny also plays the guitar.

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Continental  
DATE: Saturday, June 17, 2006  
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LOCATION: 1911 N.  Fort Myer Dr.  
  Rosslyn, VA  
VENUE: South Riding Summer Concert Series
DATE: Friday, August 4, 2006  
TIME: 6:30-9:30  
LOCATION: Town Green
  South Riding, VA  
VENUE: Kirkpatrick's
DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2006
TIME: 9:30-1:30

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