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Sully's This Friday - Oasis Attack - April Wrap-Up
FU's Picks:  I love this job!
This Friday night we return to Sully's, our home away from home, for our third gig there this year.  There was a belly dancer at the last gig, so anything goes this weekend.  Bring it on.

We also hit Oasis on the Occoquan at the end of the month.  This will be our first trip to Woodbridge, so head down 95 South and help the FU break in a new bar!

April was a wild month for the FUs.  We made a whole bunch of new FU Friends, check out the photos page on our site for the new additions to the FU Crew! 

Mista Don

We got a packed house up and dancin' all night at Auld Shebeen.  Check out this weird crowd video Mr. Don shot before he tried to bite Sunny's head off. 

We ended April at Bungalow Billiards, where we met some interesting characters and saw some nice outfits.

$10No one had change for a fifty....

rainbow suspenders

Straight from the fishin' hole to the bar...

urine puddle
We are hoping that liquid is beer...
Sweet liquor eases the pain.

As you can see, the month took its toll on the Band....  greg

Sweet dreams o' scrapple and
Motley Crewz...

Who else is going to get you this critical info?
Greg G says get the Led out!  Disc II of the BBC sessions is the shiznit.  It is Better than The Song Remains the Same and How the West Was Won.
ScrabbleThe Sunniest of the FUs loves scrabble, and not your grandma's scrabble either.  More like your uncle's scrabble, the one who brings his own dictionary and makes all those words using only two letters.  Quigebo?                          
Greg Y, on the other hand, can't say no to some scrapple!  I love the smell of scrapple in the morning, followed by intense cramping.

Chris FU recommends Images and Words by Dream Theater, because they also like the Beatles and odd time signatures.
Arrr ye lubbers!  Rob wants you to get your swagger on and practice your pirate lingo for Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Rob already has his tight pants and bandana ready to go.  Prepare for an all-pirate FU gig this summer!  Arrrrr!

FU Fan of the Month:  Kendra, Kendra, Kendra!! Chris back in the game!
Kendra has been a number-one FU Fan since her youth gang days when she defeated Sunny in a "Beat It" style one-handed knife fight.

You might see Kendra working our merch table or passing out business cards at our gigs surrounded by her crew. 

She has attended more FU gigs on crutches than anyone else, and she always has our back when rival entertainers want to throw down.  Say hi to Kendra if you see her!

Chris brought back a little present from tour drawn on a napkin from Sizzler.  Hope you like it.


This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Question

Can you believe how much old video we have!   Why oh why?   See below why no FU member will ever hold public office.

1.  Chris performs "Fade to Black" by Metallica in 1990 for a bunch of very angry , very dirty youth.  Mullets abound! 

2.  Rob and Greg G destroy Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" at a 1990 summer BBQ.  Yes, those are ladies screaming in the background at Rob's Diamond Dave impersonation.

We have waited a long time for this photo of Chris with the Ultimate Mullet complimented by RED SPANDEX.  Why did he give up this photo?  Prepare for maximum forwarding...

Here is one for the ultimate FU fan!

How many different singers have fronted the FU for a full-night gig over the years?

1.   Two
2.   Three
3.   Four
4.   Five
5.   Ten

Bonus Question:  How many times has Sunny joined the FU?

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