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Pickin' and Grinnin

S pty***Sunny Party***
Thanks to all who made the Sunny party at Kpax a huge success.  FU partied down with a packed house, and Rob and Greg FU even foiled a robbery!

The night ended appropriately with FU being kicked out of Kpax for eatin' cake.  Can you beat that?

***FU Debut at Clarendon Grill***
FU made its debut at Clarendon Grill cgrill
last month to a lively Thursday-night crowd. 

Thanks to Scott's New Band for letting the FU tag along, and thanks to the many FU photographers who provided awesome pics!

As usual, we kicked much ass and the the crowd responded accordingly.  Demand a FU return for 2007!
***FU Returns to the Marine Corps Marathon***
Once again, FU brought IT to the MCM this year.  FU's return was greeted with jubilation and screams from all. Not just screams of pain either!

Thanks to Jill C for this awesome pic!

?***FU Singer Search***
We are very close to wrapping up the singer search.  We had a battle royal for this coveted position.  The tryouts were difficult and similar to the show Fear Factor (only one guy was able to eat the entire pig colon). 

We have identified our ideal candidate who will now have to best "Roberto Gigante'" in a Steel-Cage match to secure a FU position and earn the crown. 

Announcement coming next month!

Weggie Rob again goes old school and says that you must shop at Wegmans
Who wants Sahlen's?  
dknessChris says you need to check our some wicked Darkness

Permission to Land is the CD you must buy!  Not quite Spinal Tap, but close.

Wicked pissa Darkness!
drinxSunny wants you to read "You Made this Drink,
 You Drink It."

Is is "chick lit" or is it about drinkin'?  As long as there is some fightin' to go along with the drinkin', we're in!
fishGreg G says that you can't eat just one
bag of Swedish Fish!

Do not confuse this delicious candy with Sweden's National Fish dish:  fermented herring.  Blaaah!

lil Greg Y recommends Lit'l Smokies.

He can fit two dozen in his mouth at one time.

How many can you do?
FU Fans of the Month:  The Kramers! Who's Wearing FU this month?
KramersWhether it's tearin' up the dance floor, playing guitar on stage, or serving up some pre-gig baked nourishment, the Kramers are there for us FUs!

Charlie and Jeanie we salute you! 

***Say Hello to Shauni***
This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia

More gold for ya:

1.   Chris on Halloween 2006
2.   Rob and Greg G high school graduation 1989
3.   Greg Y gang photo

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