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Vote FU - Aug. Wrap-Up - September Primer

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You Just Can't Say No!

Vote FU!**You Vote FU Now!**
Get out and vote FU right now!  We have a very small lead in the A List competition for best local band. 

The voting ends Sept. 8 and we need you to push us over the top.  Use all your email addresses!   FU needs a win!

SR**August Wrap-Up**
FU "brought it" big time to the South Riding Summer Concert Series.  By "big time" we are talking about our new summer camo look.  Quite fashionable...


We also broke in a new bar in MD called  Growlers.  The crowd was great and many FU-loyalists jumped state lines to help us out.  We expect to be back there again soon. 

bl**September Primer**
On  Sept. 8 we make our second appearance at Broadlands Live.  FU on the big stage is a must see.  Be there!


On Sept. 22 we return to Auld Shebeen in Fairfax.  Come hang with us and the college crowd. 

Remember college?  Good times, good times.

LuckyFreshly back from Ireland, GregY recommends leprechaun watch

From their delicious Lucky Charms to their terrifying movies, leprechauns rule!
HeadGregG just loves the Amazing Screw-On Head

Who could not like a show with Abraham Lincoln, a dog on wheels, a headless body, and a talking monkey!

JulesRob says you need to have Sam Jackson call your buddies and tell them to get their asses to Snakes on a Plane!

Metrx How did Chris FU get so huge?  Roids?  Doughnuts?  Nope.  It's all Extreme Chocolate Met-Rx baby!

Next month Chris will share his secret pec-oiling technique. 

Coco butter or Wesson oil?

excentricsSunny goes local and recommends the Excentrics' "Perfect Nervous Breakdown." 

They broke up, but you can still get your fix with
the Getaway Car.  
FU Fans of the Month:  Chris' Boston Crew! GregG Gets Creative
Motley CrueFor some reason, Pat, Joe, and Mike came all the way from Boston just to see us play at Growlers.  Why oh why?  We don't know.  Either way, it merits Fan of the Month status. 

Pat was nice enough to sing a couple for us, and all three guys all helped us load equipment before and after the gig.  Beat that!  True FU Fans. 
Here it is:  the first official FU video

GregG put this together from years of live-gig material.  Do you see yourself in the crowd?


This Month From the FU Archive: FU Trivia Corner

How much more could there be?

1.   This pic of Rob and GregY from middle school = pure gold!
2.   Rob in 1992:  playin' bass & eatin'
3.   Scary Sunny?

Where did FU play its first bar gig on
March 23, 2001?

a.  Grog & Tankard
b.  Rhodeside Grill
c.  Sully's
d.  South Riding Inn
e.  Kirkpatrick's

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Broadlands Live!  
DATE: Friday, September 8, 2006  
TIME: 7:00-9:30  
LOCATION: Broadlands Hillside Park  
  Ashburn, VA  
VENUE: Auld Shebeen
DATE: Friday, September 22, 2006  
TIME: 9:30-1:30  
LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
VENUE: Kirkpatrick's
GNO ladies
DATE: Saturday, October 14, 2006
TIME: 9:30-1:30  

It's a FU-For-All Baby!
quiz answer:  c.  Sully's