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FreedomFest - BDay Fest - SweatFest - Aug Gigs!

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da masses***FreedomFest***
FU rocked a sold-out Ballroom crowd of 1400+.  We blew off the doors from song one and converted many new fans.

Luckily, we got some awesome video and photos of what may have been the best FU gig ever!  If you missed it, you should slap yourself now.

party***BDay Fest***
We packed the Auld Shebeen to celebrate the joint BDay of Rob and GregY.  Did you know they were twins?  The resemblance is striking and a little disturbing.

Sunny FU surprised us all by taking the stage to bring down the house with some Run DMC!  Video of that is on the way!

FU crossed the border to play a sweatfest at McGinty's.  While the bar is cool, the stage is not.  Eben and Rob collectively sweated off 30 lbs at this gig.  (see photo)
rira***Return to RiRa***
On August 11 FU returns to RiRa for the first in a steady stream of bookings.  This photo on the right shows you what we call "business as usual" at RiRa.

***Biggins at South Riding***
GregY built us some big speakers with big woofers.  Get to South Riding on August 24 for the premiere of the big rig! 

We also promise two secret special FU guest singers that you will enjoy!
linerJust in case you happen to be painting some heavy machinery or some big-ass speaker cabinets, GregY suggests you get some
Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner.

norrisEben invites you to learn all about his hero Chuck Norris at his fact site.
Remember, the chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.
robAfter almost 20 years, Rob has still not given up on the Simpsons. 
He invites you to check out the Simpsons Movie Site and make a personalized Simpsons avatar.

Here is Rob as a Simpson's character.

tortWhile Chris was on his European Vacation, aside from seeing Big Ben and Parliament, he munched a number of Sacher Tortes

He recommends you cram one of these down your foodhole ASAP.
superbadGregG says that there is only one film to see this summer and it is SuperBad.

By the end of the summer, you will be calling everyone McLovin!
FU Fan of the Month:  Joseph Allen! Who's Wearing FU this month?
JosephLocal rock photographer Joseph Allen gets FOTM for taking awesome pix o' da FU at FreedomFest and for making us look like the rockstars we think we are!

We salute you!
R & JJill and Robin, our FU Street Team, show off the goods!

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This Month From the FU Archive:  BOTB
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We are hitting the bottom of the barrel as far as the archive goes.  Here are this month's submissions:
Remember the first FU Promo Photo?
We have been trying to forget it.
Nice shorts guys.

Remember the first person to go shirtless at a FU gig?  Unfortunately, it was a dude.  He got arrested about 20 min after this photo.  Thank God, things have changed since then.
Vote FUWe still need your vote to get into Blocktoberfest! 

Make it so!

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A Fond FU Farewell:
As of July 2007, Sweetheart's = dead.  Rest in peace Sweetheart's, we enjoyed it while it lasted!

Upcoming Shows
DATE: Saturday, August 11, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA
VENUE: South Riding Summer Concert Series
Denyse & friend
DATE: Friday, August 24, 2007  
TIME: 7:00pm-9:30pm  
LOCATION: South Riding, VA  
DATE: Saturday, September 15, 2007
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA

Streetlight?  Peoples?  Woooooaaaaah!