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FU's Picks:  
Your only choice is to buy!

Freedomfest***Dr. FU Superstar***
FU hits it big at FreedomFest at the Clarendon Ballroom on July 3!  This is the Big One!

We are calling up all the FU Army reserves!  If you go to one FU gig this year, make it this one!  Don't forget to wear your FU gear!

RiRA***Many RiRa Returns***
Last month we kicked azz at RiRa and managed to secure monthly bookings through the end of the year. 
 No pepper spray this time!
FU vs. Clarendon:  FU Wins!
Woo hoo!

Trouble***Sweetheart's Part II***
FU returned to Sweetheart's last month for an awesome gig where the entire bar was clad in FU gear (thanks to Jocelyn!).

Thanks to the many long-standing FU Friends that came out for the gig, brought friends, and acted crazy (see file photo)!

***July Gigs***
FU hits Auld Shebeen on July 20 for the GregY & Rob FU dual b-day celebration!  This gig will be off tha' hook.  Get ready for some cake!

Also, for you MD people, FU returns to McGinty's in Silver Spring on July 27.  See you across the border!
Cday***Free Outdoor FU***
For those of you who like to enjoy your FU free and in the open air, we return to the South Riding Summer Concert Series on August 24, and we hit Clarendon Day on September 29.

Nothing like free FU in your hood!
speakerGregY uses 18" Peavey Low Riders because he needs a  speaker that can "cause structural damage to buildings or induce permanent hearing loss, nausea, vertigo, or intestinal disturbances."

Get your diapers ready!
VRChris says the only true metal is 80s metal, and you must buy
Digital Dictator by Vicious Rumors right now.  
You should also wear a jean vest over your leather jacket during listening to get the complete effect.

devilhoffEben says that David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist, and this site proves it using math and Bible quotes.

"Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Hoff; for it is a human number.  Its number is 666."

towelYou know that Rob is all about the pampering.

He suggests you treat yourself this month and get a sasa towel made with cotton and bamboo.  
Mr. FFGregG suggests that you learn some hot lixx from 
Mr. Fastfingers on the Guitar Shred Show.

medelee, medelee, medlee!
FU Fan of the Month:  Mystery Fan! Who's Wearing FU this month?
????This month we single out the unknown FU Fan Rob spotted at the Rush show at Nissan Pavillion on Sat. June 23.  This mystery dude was wearing his FU shirt proudly.  He could have gone with a Moving Pictures shirt or even a Roll the Bones shirt.  But he chose to go FU instead!  This guy knows his music!

We salute you Mystery FU Fan!  Who are you?
We gotta know!
  Email us and we will hook you with a FU Army shirt!
LadiezJocelyn and crue model their FU best at Sweethearts!

Lookin' good!
This Month From the FU Archive:  Vintage FU Video
Shameless Plug?
Dr. RhythmCheck out this never-before-seen FU clip from Chris' first FU gig in 2004! 

The next day, FU won the South Riding Battle of the Bands and the NOVA domination began!

Vote FUKeep those votes coming for Blocktoberfest! 

We need your vote to get FU to RFK!

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FU Trivia Returns:
How many bars has FU been kicked out of?

Upcoming Shows
VENUE: FreedomFest
DATE: Tuesday, July 3, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Clarendon Ballroom
VENUE: Auld Shebeen
Sara & friend
DATE: Friday, July 20, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
VENUE: McGinty's
Chris & lady
DATE: Friday, July 27, 2007
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am
LOCATION: Silver Spring, MD

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