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Bunker Mania - New Pics - New Video - New Gigs 

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eben***Bunker Mania***
We continued our new Eben Domination Tour by tearing up Bunkers last month.  A fine time was had by all!

The ladies in the photo below had a blast although, judging by their attire, they came to see the Reflex (playing the next night)!

***New Pics***
ladiezWe have some awesome new photos on the site from Joseph Allen!  He makes us look like the rock stars we think we are!

idiots***New Video***
We also have two new FUtastic videos check them out:
1.  Paradise City at Auld Shebeen

2.  Any Way You Want It at Bunkers

sweet***New Fairfax Gig***
On March 23 we give Fairfax its second dose of  FU this month!  Join us as we break in a new bar called Sweetheart's!

rira***Clarendon Invasion 2007***
Mark your calendars now FU fans!  We return to Arlington on April 6 at RiRa!  It will be packed and we expect to kill and kill again. 
You must be there!  Get there early for the special surprise!
Fu JerseyRob needs you to get a personalized FU jersey at NHL.com

Go FU! 
crappy movieChris defies all critics and demands that you see Hannibal Rising

He will be in the theater waiting for you....
Stew MAcGreg Y says, when you can't get Chili-Mac, you should get your guitar stuff on at Stew Mac
PosterGreg G wants you to check out the create-your-own poster function on the Black Snake Moan website

 Check out Greg's work here!
fgEben says that Family Guy is the way to go this month!
FU Fans of the Month:  Book Club Ladies! Who's Wearing FU this month?
Book Club LadiesThis month we celebrate the Book Club Ladies! They read, they drink wine, but most importantly, they dance!  They partied the night away with us at Bunkers last month!

Check out their moves here!
Brittney FUWho  could have called  this one? 
This Month From the FU Archive: 2006 FU Retrospective
IDsThis month we have another Chris special.  He continues his monthly humiliation for your enjoyment.  

Check out the mullet and the goatee!  Pure Chris!

Chris FU has been working overtime in the photo lab putting together his 2006 retrospective.  Check it out here!

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Auld Shebeen
DATE: Friday, March 9, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
VENUE: Sweetheart's  
DATE: Friday, March 23, 2007  
TIME: 9:30pm-1:30am
LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
DATE: Friday, April 6, 2007
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am
LOCATION: Arlington, VA

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