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Pepper Sprayed - Return to KPax - FU MD Invasion - Vote FU 2007

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Rira***Peppered at RiRa***
We had to pack RiRa two times during our gig: 1) at the beginning of the night and 2) after everyone evacuated because of the pepper-spray incident.  Needless to say, FU "brought it" despite burning eyes, lungs, and other places.
fu suit
Eben FU gets a special battlefield promotion for being able to sing all night when most of us could not talk.  We are back at RiRa in June and August.  We promise no shenanigans at this gig.  We will also provide fearful FU fans with all new FU protective gear (patent pending)!

party grrlhttp://www.drfu.com/images/20070429/Large/131_3116.jpg***KPax: The Return***
FU returned to Kirkpatrick's for the first time since the cake incident.  As usual, the crowd did not disappoint!  We had a crazy dancing crew that developed into a wildin' by the end o' the night.

ladiezThe picture above and the one to the right give a pretty accurate representation of the perfect storm that occurs when 3-4simultaneous landmark b-day parties collide.  We are not even going to touch the "shirt incident" (see below).

logo***MD Invasion***
Next month FU begins an all out assault on Silver Spring.  We have two gigs booked at an awesomely huge bar downtown called McGinty's!  Cross the border and party with us. 
We promise: what happens in MD stays in MD!

Vote FU***Vote FU for Blocktoberfest***
Once again we are calling out the FU Army for support!  We need your vote to play at BlocktoberFest in October.  Please click here to vote and pass the info around to every single person you know!  Vote FU!

fabChris likes all things "fab" including the Fab Faux, his favorite
Beatles Tribute band. 
 He also likes Ab Fab,
but will never admit it.
pimpRob, AKA Professor Truth Harris Shizzle, recommends that you use the Pimp
Name Generator and pimpify yourself ASAP!
vaultGreg G wants you to rock out at
Wolfgang's Vault an internet library full of free concerts from the 70's and 80's.
Is that Freedom Rock?
celecstionGreg Y says that if you want big speakers with big woofers, you need Celestions
He stocks the FU cabinets with
G12T-75s and G12k-100s .
CharlesEben says you should exercise your
right to vote for the biggest idiot by
checking out the Darwin Awards

This time, please do not vote FU.
FU Fan of the Month:  FU Crue Ladiez! Who's Wearing FU this month?
FU CrueThis month we honor the die-hard FU Crue ladiez: Shauni, Karen, and Lynn

They took a pepper-sprayin' for team FU at RiRa and they came back for more to sell record amounts of FU gear at Kirkpatrick's. 

We could not ask for a better FU Party Crue!

dynamic duo
All we can say in the family-friendly newsletter is that these FU fans went "all the way" to get these shirts!
Bottom line
: don't miss our shows...
This Month From the FU Archive: 
What's New In FU World?
licenseCheck out Greg G's license to rock!

Will we ever get tired of the hair pictures?
Not anytime soon....
mad melThere is word that FU Army tattoos
are on the way.  Will you enlist?  We are FU!  We FIGHT!

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: McGinty's Public House
DATE: Friday, May 11, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Silver Spring, VA  
Kpax Ladies
DATE: Saturday, June2, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:0am
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: Sweetheart's
DATE: Friday, June 15, 2007
TIME: 9:30pm-1:30am

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