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BlocktoberFest - Halloween - MCM - Nov & Dec RiRa Returns!

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Get it while the gettin's good

As predicted, we brought it with a capital "I" to BlocktoberFest.  None of us will ever be the same.  But that is a good thing.  The show was amazing to say the least.  Check out the pic of Rob and Greg Y in this month's On Tap Magazine.
More photos here!

Kent et al***Halloween @ RiRa***
We organized a ridiculous costume party at RiRa, which was actually just a lame excuse for GregG to wear his pleather pants!  The gig was a riot and photos are here!
Congrats to the KISS Girlz for winning the costume contest!  Thanks to the crew at RiRa for pulling this thing off!


Each FU member brought out his personality with a wild costume!  Click on the photos to see GG Slash, Col. Rex Kramer Yadzinski, Kent David Coverdale, Mr. Tuxedo w/pants, and Worst Costume Ever (how about a little effort)!

MCM***MCM 2007***
FU took its third shot at the Final Mile Stage at the Marine Corps Marathon.  The show
went down like clockwork except for "Stixx"
DeChiara who actually forgot to bring drum sticks.  We cannot make this stuff up!
He played the gig with a turkey leg and a
tire iron.  C'mon!  No sticks?  Is that what it has come to now?  Will he remember pants next time?

raise em up***RiRa Nov & Dec***
After you experience our return to the Auld Shebeen on Nov 9, there is only one place to be in Nov. and Dec.  That place is RiRa!  Every time we play there it gets more and more crazy.  At the Nov. gig you will get to meet MaMa Deech and Sista Deech.  Who knows what will happen at the New Year's gig?  Farm animals?  Dwarves?  Anything goes at this point.  Either way, you must be there!  Remember, what happens at RiRa stays at RiRa!
NBCRob says you will get three
times the usual Tim Burton creepiness if you check
out Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!
AJKent represented in fine form at the Halloween gig
with a pair o' classic Air
.  You cannot go
wrong with these!
gt111Chris wants you to share his
addiction to Guitar Hero III.
Will Chris leave his apartment again?
Can Slash reach level blah blah blah?

You get the idea!

New SkinTired of your old skin?  Greg G
recommends that you pick up some brand New Skin.  Good for all those
guitar-finger injuries and other
pulling-your-finger injuries.
RkGregY chose to keep it real this month by
selecting the new  You Tube video for "Real Talk" by R Kelly.  Can you believe that this
is a real song?

More importantly:
Should FU cover it?
FU Fan o' the Month:  Steve Yadzinski! Who's Wearing FU this month?
SYSteve kicked ass for us and helped us out big time at BlocktobterFest by being the first-ever FU roadie.  He set up amps, guitar, etc.  This guy did everything ,
including taking some awesome photos!

Check out his work on our photo site!

Matt had an excellent Halloween
costume, but this outfit really
caught our eye!  Nice shirt!
This Month From the FU Archive:  South Riding Inn!
FU moment of Zen!
SRIHere is a look back at the old days of the South Riding Inn:
Before FU instituted the uniform and before we made
GregY burn that awful shirt!

Note that Rob is still wearing the Halloween costume shirt.
Pure gold....
Glacier FUHow can you beat FU on a glacier?
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