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BlocktoberFest - Outdoor Gigs - Exit Eben

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If you want it, here it is, come and get it!

BLOCKtoberfest is Oct. 6!  Start drinking now!   FU is playing at 5:20pm on the Red Bull Stage.  It will be the FU rock show to end all FU rock shows!  FU on the Big Stage is a must see!   Imagine FreedomFest X 100.  You must be there! 
Get your tix now before the price goes up!
Oh my god!
***Ultimate FU Halloween Party***
This FUletter acts as your invitation to the First Annual FU Halloween Party at RiRa on 10/26!  We will be dressed in 80s rock fashion.  We expect a serious effort from the FU fans.  There will be drink specials and a whole buch o' crazy stuff!  Be there!
Dorito Loverz***Outdoor FU Recap***
September was outdoor FU month!  We started off with an outdoor wedding/BBQ, then we joined our dorito-lovin' Reflex friends and Sunny FU for a wet night at Broadlands Live (three years o' rain and countin'). Then we added a kick ass Eben/Kent split bill at the Falls Church Fall Festival!
We capped off outdoor FU month with a rousing set at Clarendon Day.  Clarendon loves the FU, and we returned the gesture through some loud tunes!
We've got more outdoor FU in Oct. at BlocktoberFest & the Marine Corps Marathon!

Eben Goodbye***Eben's RiRa Goodbye***
We did have one bar gig in Sept.  Eben flew in for his farewell show at RiRa where he went out in style surrounded by dancin' ladies and very very drunk dudes (not just the other FUs).   As usual, Eben showed us that he's got the goods!  
HC&DRob demands that you check out his newest Robsession:
!  How long until the photo of Rob at the bottom of this newsletter is posted?
podGregY says forget about your amp and get a Pod XtLive!
zombieIf you share Kent's fear of a zombie revolution,
you need to get the Zombie Survival Guide ASAP!

GavChris says that if you like drums you must check out Gavin from Porcupine Tree!
VHGregG wants you to join him at the Van Halen show at Verizon Center. 
Will GregG spontaneously combust from the excitement or just wet his pants?  You will have to go to find out!

The Long FU Goodbye! Who's Wearing FU this month?
EbencakeEben received an honorable FU discharge from this month and has retired to life of leisure in Florida!  We wish him well and give him a big Thank FU for working hard to help us kick ass in 2007 and for going the extra mile by flying up for our last couple of gigs together!
We miss him already!
Eben Rocks!  (is that what the cake says?)

The KentHere is Kent modeling his new FU colors!  He was red-shirted over the last few months during the difficult and often humiliating FU-pledging process.

Now he is ready to bring the rock FU Style!  Say hi to him at our upcoming gigs!
This Month From the FU Archive:  Fresh Mullet!
FU moment of Zen!
Mullet We could not let Kent in FU until he produced at least one mullet photo!
Here it is! 

Pure gold.
the new guyNot gonna explain this one. 

You had to be there....
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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: BlocktoberFest
HC w/D
DATE: Saturday, October 6, 2007  
TIME: 5:20pm-6:15pm
LOCATION: RFK Stadium Grounds (Red Bull Stage)
DATE: Friday, October 26, 2007  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: 2007 Marine Corps Marathon
DATE: Sunday, October 28, 2007
TIME: 12:00pm-2:00pm
LOCATION: Arlington, VA (Final Mile Stage)

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