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FU's Picks:   Tell me do ya, do ya have any money?

It was a wild time at ShamrockFest.  The crowd was twice the size of BlocktoberFest and we sold out of the new green FU Maiden shirts right away!  FU received raves for its performance and the Chalice was loved by hundreds of people during its Victory Lap!  Check out the photos here and the video here!   Don't miss GregG moshing it up with the Chalice here.
chaliceWe need to thank our awesome Stage Crew: Tim, Steve, Bridgete, Vanessa, Amy C, John, Tony, (and special mention to Jeff and Pat for whippin it up in the crowd).  Thanks to all the photographers (Marco, Joseph, Amy, and John).  Big thanks to all the HiBall people and Kent's battalion of the FU Army (see below) .
lookin good***RiRa St. Patrick's Day Party***
The RiRa St. Pat's day party was an all-hands-on-deck affair.  The place was packed and the people were tanked (exactly the welcome we like).  Once again, the Swedes and Kent's Crew represented strong.  We also met a bunch of people who came because they saw us at ShamrockFest.  Good times.

Rob & GEorgehttp://farm3.static.flickr.com/2131/2343772807_9ea8caa79c.jpg?v=0Other highlights include:  Jeff running special security for the Chalice, the owner of RiRa in the house, Guinness ladies on stage, Rob and George lovin' on the Chalice, and a beatdown (not a FU member).  Check out the video and pics!

After a two-year absence, FU returns to Whitlow's on Thursday April 10.  We hope to get the Chalice classified as a mug for Mug Night!.

NEds***Future Gigs***
We have a bunch of exciting things in store for you this summer!  Expect gig announcements for some free FU in the fresh air next month! 

For now, you have to look ahead to our May 10 return to Ned's in Centreville.  Here is clip from our last Ned's adventure to prime you up!   

Bang camero Kent recommends
Bang Camaro for all of you who like 80's metal but do not have time for the sappy lyrics.

Only choruses!

No, it is not a joke!

gigwiseRob is all about controversy,
and he wants  you to check out the most controversial album covers of all time!  Oh my!

maidenMaiden, Maiden,  Maiden!  That is about it.
Chris wants you to get some Iron Maiden tix and join FU in the "pit" in front of the stage on June 18 at Merriweather Post Pavilion!  We will pummel you!

silber dGreg G says that you must hit the Silver Diner for all your 3am cravings! 
Nothing like a 3d burger in the middle of the night!  Find FU there after any Clarendon gig.

transGreg Y says, why rebuild a transmission for yourself when T&B can do it for you!  Get r' done!
FU Fans o' the Month:  The Swedes 
Who's Wearing FU?
SwedesThe Swedes get fan o' the month for their dedication to the FU cause.  Since we met them last year, they have not missed a gig and they usually show up with one or two new crew members here and there! 

If you see them at a gig, get them a beer!  Something imported please!
Gotta love the Swedes and their delicious red fish!

FU ArmyKent's Crue came up huge at ShamrockFest and RiRa by partying hard in FU green!

We are seeing some fans o' the month in the making!
This Month:  FU's Gear

FU moment of Zen!
drunzOver the years, many of you tech nerds have asked us specific questions about our gear. 

A detailed explanation of how we get that sweet FU sound is right here!

Yes, the Muppet Show drumset is part of the equation.

Big congratulations to FU Fans Brent and Christina for getting engaged at ShamrockFest.  (Video here!)
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VENUE: Whitlow's on Wilson
DATE: Thursday, April 10, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
DATE: Saturday, April 26, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: Ned Devine's
DATE: Saturday, May 10, 2008
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Centreville, VA

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