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FU's Picks:  Who all wants some flapjacks?

DJ Jams ***The Huge News #1***

You want more FU at RFK?  Now, you got it!  We are playing the August 23 installment of DC Jam Sessions at the RFK Stadium Grounds.  This is another excellent quality HiBall event where you pay one price and get a full day of music, food, and drinkin'!  We will play along with
Mr. Greengenes, Mae, and some other locally-famous rockers.

Tickets are on sale NOW!  For those of you who are sports lovers, for $10 extra you get tix to the DC United Game that night.  What a deal!

stone cold crazy ***RiRa After Party***

Following the craziness of DC Jam Sessions, we jet over to RiRa the night of the August 23 to light the place up!
We highly suggest you come out for a full day o' FU! 

Check out the pic to the right to get an idea of the madness that ensued at our last visit to RiRa!

SD***The Huge News #2***

September 27 marks yet another FU double-header.  We start off the afternoon with a return to Clarendon Day

Later that night we return to the 9:30 Club to open for Super Diamond, who we expect will sell the place out!

Tickets will be available soon.

FreedomFEst***FreedomFest ReCap***

Our second year rockin' for America headlining FreedomFest at the Clarendon Ballroom went off without a hitch. 

We jammed well over 1500 into the Ballroom and rocked solidly all night.

As usual, we made new friends (see FU Dancer #1 to the left).  There are plenty more pics, of her and others, up HERE.

We hope to have some video soon.  We will keep you posted.

Thanks to special guest James Stevens from Rome in a Day for hitting the stage with us!

neds***One More Double-Header***

If, for some reason, the above info isn't enough FU for you.  On August 16 we have another FU day o' FU planned. 

We start off at 7pm at the Fairfax Corner Summer Concert Series (FREE), and then we finish up at Ned Devine's in Centreville

Just look at this photo to see how we packed it last time!

home depot Chris FU just bought
a house, which means that he
spends most of his time in his new home-away-from-home: Home Depot.

Chris recommends that you meet him there for a hot dog and some home improvement conversation.  If you have time, he would also like you to paint his kitchen...

buf This month Rob goes out on
a limb to recommend his own
shirt company:

You will figure it out after a couple of minutes on the site.

They are supposed to have nice shirts....

DK Kent also goes out on a limb to
recommend that you might like
the Dark Knight.

Although, unless you are a shut-in, there is a 98% chance you have seen it at least once already.

dime Greg G goes with the Dunlop
Dime Cry Baby From Hell
, for when an ordinary wah pedal doesn't sound enough like Pantera!

BFLOContinuing the Buffalo theme,
Greg Y recommends the entire City of Buffalo.

If it were up to Greg Y, he would deep fry the whole place and eat it with a side of bleu cheese and celery!
FU Fan o' the Month:  Rich Shea! 
Who's Wearing FU?
Rich Rich Shea from HiBall Events gets fan o' the month for being a #1 FU supporter, bringing out the FU for BlocktoberFest, ShamrockFest, FreedomFest, and just about any other Fest that he runs.

Look for Rich at DC Jam Sessions this fall.  He may be the guy holding the Chalice!


SaraSara shows off her FU here as she introduces yet another friend to the FU!
This Month:  Robert on lead vocals!

FU moment of Zen!
pipesFans wanted more Rob and he did not disappoint at FreedomFest.

He threw down the bass and picked up the gauntlet of lead vocals.

Next up:  Nationals Park, American Idol, Fed Ex Field?

Return of the mullet for 2009?

6th manThe Chalice
in all its glory, rockin' for America
at FreedomFest!
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VENUE: Fairfax Corner Summer Concert Series  
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TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  
LOCATION: Centreville, VA  
VENUE: DC Jam Session @ RFK Stadium Grounds  
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DATE: Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008  
LOCATION: Washington, DC

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