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Enter 2008:  the Hypening Begins!

FU's Picks:   FU is the Decider!

slackers***Jan. Wrap Up***
2008 started off with a bang for the FUs!  We had a wild time at the Slacker's NYE bash.  The Clarendon Ballroom was packed and we met many a new FU fan. 
Our new best friend, DJ Kwest was in the house as well.  If you weren't there,  give yourself a smack and then check out the pics and video!
Jan. 2008 also marked our return to Sullys.  After a two year absence, we brought the rock to Chantilly.  Big Thank FUs to the GNO ladies who represented in big numbers.  Also big thanks to Sunny for making a special guest appearance.  Check out a clip here.

on tap

***Feb & March***
We continue the madness in Feb with our first-ever FU Field Trip as we head to the SOLD OUT On Tap Magazine WISP Ski Trip Party at Black Bear Tavern.  Five FUs will set out.  Only four may return!  For all you non skiers, we hit Auld Shebeen on Feb. 8 before we set out for the slopes!
Then in March, it begins!  FU returns to RFK at
ShamrockFest!  Get your tickets right here

FU has "special plans" in the works for this huge gig.  So, don't miss out!

Rob in a leprechuan costume (see below)?  Chris with green hair?  GregY with a shelalegh?  Another monkey knife fight?  Who knows?

***Pure RiRa***

Once again, we return to RiRa (this time after a crazy NYE gig).  We have cleaned all the beer and glass off our equipment and we are ready to go for two events! 

First, on Feb. 1, celebrate FU's 100th gig anniversary.  We are expecting a crowd bigger than the Brent Gardner BDay Bash for this one!

Second, on March 17:  the party of all parties!  FU hosts St. Pats day at RiRa! 
The horror, the horror! 
Start drinkin' now.
tatEveryone knows that Rob loves his ink.
This m
onth he proves it by recommending the 20 Worst Tattoos Ever!

Mistakes were made!
buttaChris n' peanut butter = together again!

Sounds delicious!  How about mixing in some dark chocolate? 

Y'all gonna make me lose my mind!
sizzKent shows his metal by recommending
Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries: one year in the life of the Crue.

Cliff Notes version = "Got high today and passed out in dumpster."   (Multiply by 365).
hayesGregY says that when in Buffalo (for some
reason) you must eat at Hayes Fish Market.

good eatin'!
uaGregG wants you to be warm but look cool in
a fleece Under Armour hoodie!
FU Fan o' the Month:   Chris Willoughby Who's Wearing FU?
ChrisThis month we celebrate FU friend and photographer Chris Willoughby!  He has come through for us with some awesome FU shots at BlocktoberFest and Slackers' NYE Bash. 

Check out his work here and here.

When you see him at a FU show, demand a portrait and then give him a beer! 

L&B Lia & Bridgette wear the colors proudly at Sullys!

Go GNO ladies!
This Month:  FU Behind the Music!
FU moment of Zen!
delicious Ever wonder what it's like to hang out at the gig after party with rock stars like
Dr. FU?

Wonder no more.  All your questions are answered here....

See you at Silver Diner after our next RiRa gig!
idiots You just don't wanna
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DATE: Friday, February 1, 2008  
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LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
VENUE: Black Bear Tavern
DATE: Saturday, February 9, 2008
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30am  

I'm a sailor peg, and I  lost my leg!