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FNL * FreedomFest Return * May Recap!

FU's Picks:  Oh, we got em!

FNL***Friday Night Live***

Live from Herndon, you get a full dose of free FU this Friday night at Friday Night Live.  We hit the stage at 8pm!

Stick around for the after party at Ned Devine's and see which FU member passes out from heat exhaustion first!
It will also be Sam's 25th B-Day party, so you know there will be trouble!


***FreedomFest 2008***

FU returns to the Clarendon Ballroom for a night of mayhem on July 3!  Last year we packed over 1500 people in for our first FreedomFest.  Let's top that number this year!

ML Grlz***
May Recap***

May was nothin' good times in FU land.  We returned to a packed house at RiRa and, as usual, the Chalice made some new friends (pic w/ Miller Lite Girls on left)!  Greg G brought out all the friends and family for a home-style gig!  Photos here! We are back at the end of June.


We also returned to Ned's in Centreville for the first time this year.  Again, the Chalice made the rounds (seen here with the bachelorette).  FU briefly gained a 6th member during this gig who decided to load boxes behind the stage during our set.  Good times!
Photos Here!


***930 Club***

FU achieved a personal milestone in May, playing its first gig at the 930 Club.  One of the managers hired FU to play his wedding at the club.  It was the coolest wedding any of us had attended, and it was pure joy to rock out on the huge stage with a monstrous PA. Check out the photos to see Kent enjoying his dressing room.

Kent recommends sachertortes this month.  It's like a supertort with spongecake that lives in Kent's stomach.

mattelRob wants you to go back to 1982 and check out some classics
on the Mattel handheld games archive.  Football 2 anyone?

minikissFor those times when you want just a little KISS, GregG says you will love Mini KISS!

juliasMost days you can find Chris munching am empanada at Julia's.  What is an empanada?  You you have
to go to Julia's to find out.

Soy wrappersContinuing on the FU food recommendations, GregY wants you to go soy with your sushi!

Get that great sushi taste without the seaweed!

Aaah Soy Wrappers.
FU Fan o' the Month:  Chuck! 
Who's Wearing FU?
chuckBig thanks FUs to Madsoundguy Chuck for taking care of us in style at Ned's in Centreville!

Not only did he provide pro sound, but he also gave us a slew of awesome photos!  That is full service!

 Yes Chuck, you rule...

sophiaGregY's Sophia
rocks out with the
This Month:  Kent Fingaz

FU moment of Zen!
http://www.drfu.com/images/fu_letter/06.08/pure%20kent.jpgKent or Rollie Fingers?  You decide:


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away from
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