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March Madness - Feb Recap: Ski Trippin', Shebeenin', RiRa-in'

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It's only a matter of days until March 15, when FU hits the stage at DC's biggest concert event!  We play from 1:45pm until 2:45pm on the Big Night America Stage. 

Get to the gig early for a photo op with the Chalice!  If you miss this one you is surely tweakin' (see Urban Dictionary)!


***RiRa St. Patrick's Day Party***

For your actual St. Pat's Day fun (March 17), we have some special plans at RiRa!  The place is wild on normal nights, so we are preparing for pure mayhem on St. Pat's Day! 
(RiRa opens at 9am on St. Pat's!)

FU hits the stage one hour earlier than normal: at 9pm!  Keep an eye out for Lucky the FU leprechaun!  FYI, that's not gold in his pot!

***On Tap Ski Trip***

The combination of FU and On Tap Magazine resulted in the perfect storm of rock at the Black Bear Tavern.  We completely tore this place up!  There were people crowd surfin' (video) and Chalice poundin' (video) among other craziness.  Bacardi Girlz in the house!

BBTThis was our first FU roadtrip and it was a huge success.
Thanks to Tony and the GNO crew for making the trip with us!
And thanks to Jackie at On Tap and Cathy at Black Bear for making it happen!

Check out the Black Bear photos here and the videos here!  Pics will also be in this month's On Tap Mag!

dudes***Auld Shebeen***
Our return to the Shebeen started off with way too many dudes up front.  Kent took control and relegated the dudes to Chalice patrol so the ladies could dance.  Good times!  Thanks to Sam for taking the stage with us.  Photos here!

Can't forget about our regular monthly stint at RiRa.  It was business time as usual, as you can see in the photo to the right (photos).  No one sings along like the Swedes.  We love you guys and your delicious candy red fish!  See you on St. Pat's Day!

5 guysChris says you can't
get more delicious than Five Guys!  He has tried!

UDRob uses the Urban
to dictate his hip urban lingo. 

He suggests that you start with "shizzle" and then move on to "hizzle," etc.

gdecGregG wants you to buy a Fender G-Dec Junior practice amp.  Fifteen watts of power with a metronome, tuner, and backing traxx.  Get practicin' now!

ROLKent recommends that you check out Brett Michaels in VH-1's Rock of Love!

Who will Brent choose?
We are voting for CC DeVille!

Ha Cha Cha Cha!

ArchiesWhile on our Black Bear roadtrip,
GregY ate a whole pig at Archie's BBQ in McHenry MD. 

The FUs ate multiple meals at this delicious place that stayed open past 3am to feed us late night.

If you find yourself near WISP, munch on some Archie's!
FU Fan o' the Month:   Tony!
Who's Wearing FU?
TonyYes, Tony has been FU Fan of the month before!  Nevertheless, he gets a second shot for becoming an official FU Roadie.  He went on the road with us to Black Bear and he's back for ShamrockFest too. 

Loyal, tough, metal, BBQ-lovin', Tony is #1!

BB LadiesThe staff at Black Bear shows some FU love!
This Month:  Shameless Promotion!

FU moment of Zen!
fumaidenAfter years of planning, we proudly debut the FU-Maiden Shirt!  It's only available in green at ShamrockFest and the RiRa St. Pat's Day Party. 

Get yours ASAP and up the irons in FU Style!

Anyone know what that means?

ChaliceChalice for two please!
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