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Outdoor FU - April Recap - Pure Ned's

FU's Picks:  Get em' while they're hot! 

botb***Free outdoor FU Schedule***
Last month we promised some free outdoor FU to get you through the summer, and this month we deliver!  Bam!  May 10 Battle of the Boulevard, FU will be on the Clarendon Blvd stage (near Mr. Days courtyard and the beer tent) from 11am to 1:30pm.


The hits keep rollin as we move into June and thereafter:  Pow!  June 13, FU debuts at Friday Night Live in Herndon.  Smack!  August 16, FU lights up the Fairfax Corner Summer Concert Series.   Shazam!  FU will return to Clarendon Day on Sept. 27!  Get your lawnchairs oiled for these!

RiRa Return***
After our Monday night gig for St. Pat's, it was nice to return to RiRa for a comfortable weekend show.  The FU Army represented strongly for this one, and we made a bunch of new friends too!  Here is Anne Marie showed us some metal during clean-up time.

brideThe Chalice was also working overtime to keep up with the bachelorette party.  Good times!  Pics are up Here.

wow***Whitlow's Thursday?***
FU hit Whitlow's last month and fought the bear!  FU came out swinging, knocking out power to the restaurant during song one.  We didn't let up after that, despite the craziness Whitlow's heaped on us.  There may just be another FU Whitlow's Thursday in the cards yet.  Photos Here!

NEds***Future Gigs***
We have a lot of good stuff coming up, but right now it's all coming up Ned's.  We will be at Ned's in Centreville on May 10 and Aug 16. 

If that wasn't enough, prepare yourself for our debut at Ned's in Herndon on June 13 following up our set at Friday Night Live! 

kingRob says you need to get a dollar's worth and watch King of Kong right now.

Kill screen comin'!

soloAll Kent's shirts come from Busted Tees.

Get your ironic slogan shirt ASAP!

logoChris goes to MP3Fiesta for all his Beatles rare recordings.  Get yours now!

We are sure it is nice and "legal"!

tubes GregG is addicted to YouTube.  He says that if you have enough time you can watch it all!  You really can!

BoatAhoy there!  GregY wants you to join him for a three-hour tour on Miss Grace Charters!
FU Fans o' the Month:  Pat and Jeff (AKA Biscuit & Muffin)!
Who's Wearing FU?
In just a short time Pat and Jeff have worked their way up in the FU Army from Privates to Four Star Generals. 

Whether it's working security for the Chalice, enlisting FU Army recruits, or just general wildin', these guys are the best!  We salute you!

Brad flashes some FU for beads in New Orleans.
This Month:  Can't Get Enough O' That Young Chris!

FU moment of Zen!
young gunFor those of you who just can't get enough young Chris, here you go!

See if you can guess which one is him!

You had to be there....
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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Battle of the Boulevard
DATE: Saturday, May 10, 2008  
TIME: 11:00am -1:30pm
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: Ned Devine's  
DATE: Saturday, May 10, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Centreville, VA  
DATE: Saturday, May 31, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA

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