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Big Night News - September Recap - Halloweenin'

FU's Picks:  We picked it, you eat it!

Big Night***Big City Night***

FU just signed on to play Big Night DC at the Gaylord hotel at the National Harbor!  This is the best and biggest New Year's Eve party in the area. 

You need to buy your tickets ASAP to lock in the lowest price.  Big Night sells out every year.  So don't say we didn't warn you!

shebeen**Shebeen & RiRa Returns**

FU received a warm welcome as we returned to the Auld Shebeen after a long absence!  Big thanks to Tommy for sitting in for a tune and to Robbie for running sound.  Check out our newest FU fans in the video and photos!

We also played Rob's Ohio State party at RiRa.  As usual we tore it up.  Big thanks to the FU Army!  See Swensen's photojournalism here!

***930 Club***

FU ended Sept. with its biggest show ever:  opening for Super Diamond at the 930 Club!  We have lots of video and photos documenting the gig!  Thanks to everyone who came our to enjoy our finest hour!

***RiRa Halloween II***

FU will play RiRa's Halloween Bash for a second year in a row!  There will be wild times and drink specials and all the scary stuff you'd expect from us.  Ladies, contact us ASAP if you want to be part of our FU costume and get in FREE!

logo***Tortoise & Hare***

FU continues to expand its territory
this month as we debut at the Tortoise and Hare in Crystal City on Oct. 17. 

Come by and check it out with us.  We are playing a much longer night than usual, so expect some stuff you don't usually hear from the FU!

ffWe asked Chris not to recommend
the Beatles yet again.  In a clever move, he recommends the FabFaux: an all-star Beatles cover band.
Check & mate!

ecardRob knows you want to expend as little effort as possible on cards
for your friends.  The best way to do that is to send someecards, for when you care enough to press send.

dmGregG says that while the new Metallica is not the old Metallica, it's
still Metallica enough for you to buy it!

This I swear!
This I swear!
This I swear!

edKent goes scary this month with the Evil Dead trilogy

He also suggests
you listen to Thriller prior to the first movie (just to get in the mood).

bestWhy buy guitar cables when you can make them yourself?  Greg Y says that Best Tronics has everything you need to lay some cable!
FU Fan o' the Month:  Rob Rob Rob!! 
Who's Wearing FU?
RobWe are sad to see Rob leaving RiRa!
We wish him luck as he heads off to Louisiana to open a new RiRa, and we look forward to our first road trip to play that venue!

Next time we are in RiRa, we are going to have to pour out some Chalice beer on the floor and give one up to our departed friend!


PatPat shows
off both his pro-level Chalice skills and   excellent fashion sense at RFK!
This Month:  Chris and Kent in a new band?

FU Chalice moment of Zen!
CKsThere has been talk of a Chris and Kent splinter project for almost a year now.

Finally, it has happened.
The cd drops this month!

We expect that they will wear these outfits to future FU gigs!

BrazilliansYet another
group of international ladies appreciate the Chalice!

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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Tortoise and Hare
DATE: Friday, Oct. 17, 2008
TIME: 9:00pm-1:30pm  
LOCATION: Arlington, VA  
DATE: Friday, Oct. 31, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: Ned Devine's  
DATE: Friday, Nov. 21, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm- 1:30am  

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