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August Recap - Big Gigs in September - Good Times for All

FU's Picks:  Where's the beef?

Our Sept. RiRa show was one of the best crowd events we have had there:  90% ladies, and 100% going nuts the whole time.  We just love that place.  Swensen documented the craziness here.

Be at RiRa on 9/13 for their big Ohio State party starring FU.  Get there early to beat the lines!

filler up!***DC Jam Session***
We brought some FU to the first DC Jam Session at RFK.  It was a beer-laden event and our FU Handlers worked the whole lot, introducing the Chalice to just about every single person there.

drink it

Check out the photos of the Chalice's great day out right here!

2 grls 1 tool***Ned Devine's***
Ned's was our first bar gig following one month of FU-cation and we brought the madness!  Both Chuck and the Swedes were in the house that night, so we knew something special would happen! 


We debuted some new slow jams and everyone seemed pleased.  Home Sweet Home anyone?

We also made a huge number of new FU friends at this gig.  Hope to see you all out soon!
Pics are here!

cday***September Morn***
September 27 brings a huge FU double-header.  We start off the day with a return to Clarendon Day.  Enjoy your last chance for free outdoor FU!  We open the Clarendon Day festivities at 11am!  Get there early!

930Later that night, we return to the 9:30 Club to open for Super Diamond, who will sell the place out!

This could be the biggest FU show of all time.  You must be there!
Tickets are available here!

***Return to Shebeen***
For those of you who don't live so close to DC, catch your FUs at Auld Shebeen in Fairfax on Sept. 12!

power bar Chris likes all
his food in candy-bar
form, so he
recommends that you join him for a Power Bar Recovery Bar.

Nutritious and delicious!

wah Not to be
outdone on the wah front, GregY recommends you get an
Ibanez Weeping Deamon Wah and wah it up with the FUs.

shirtRob knows
that you sweat a lot.  That is why he wants you to go to REI and get a tech tee ASAP!

Do us all a favor!

says, if you want to work on your chops, join him in the George Lynch online Guitar Dojo!

Bring your AquaNet!

poisonThis month Kent recommends Poison!  Not the Bell, Biv, DeVoe kind either.  The real deal live, raw, and uncut.
This cd contains Kent's
favorite cut:  "I hate
every bone in your body
but mine."

Yes, that is a real song title....
FU Fan o' the Month:  Pure Swensen! 
Who's Wearing FU?
Pure Swensen Our FU fan o' the month is Swensen!
You may recognize him as our new PR guy and as the guy who took your picture at RiRa or RFK.

Big FU thanks for all the awesome pics and Chalice lovin'!


Mary & AlisonMary and Alison
love the Chalice!
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Upcoming Shows
VENUE: Auld Shebeen
DATE: Friday, Sept. 12, 2008
TIME: 10:00pm-1:30pm  
LOCATION: Fairfax, VA  
DATE: Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008  
TIME: 10:00pm-1:00am  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA  
VENUE: Clarendon Day & 930 Club
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DATE: Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008  
TIME: 11am & 8pm  
LOCATION: Clarendon, VA & Washington, DC

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